Why I do This

In my heart and soul I am a creative person. There is nothing I like better than taking an idea in my head and creating something tangible from it…something that can be seen and touched and enjoyed by others. It is a joyful process, full of possibility and pleasant surprises.

Why children’s picture books? Three reasons:

1- I have a natural connection to the simple sense of happiness that makes a child skip instead of walk. It is present in my paintings and it is through painting that I discovered I have it. My ability to express happiness visually is a gift, at least for most adults, so I feel I was meant to share it.

2- I have always felt the desire to touch a lot of people in some small way. My paintings affect a small number of people but books have the capacity to affect a LARGE number of people, especially children, in a positive way.  I especially like the idea of children and parents, or grandparents, connecting while enjoying the books that I create.

3- I have three beautiful, young, granddaughters who inspire me.  I want to entertain and inspire them as well as all children with picture books that are fun to read but that also offer something of value. It might be as simple as a new perspective or as important as a life lesson but all should be subtly woven into the words and pictures of a good story.