April Birthday for Lola with Big Events!

Lola Coloring page-4 Happy Birthday Lola!One year ago this month, Lonely Lola Ladybug was published and my life changed from artist/painter to children’s picture book author/illustrator. What a ride! So much has happened including a national award for Lola! To celebrate Lola’s first birthday, I created a new coloring page for little Lola Fans! It can be found on my website under Coloring Pages on the menu bar.  Big news…Lola is forming the official Lola Ladybug Fan Club! Kids who would like to hear from Lola with new coloring and activity pages as well as Letters from Lola with words of encouragement can be signed up by their parents or grandparents. (More to come on Lola’s Fan Club) April also is a big month because of three major up coming events.

  • Earth Day, April 22- I will be making a visit to Collegiate School in Richmond, Virginia to do three programs that will be videotaped! I plan to put a small clip from this taping on my website so people will have some idea of what I do at my school visits.
  • April 25 at 1:00pm- I will be the “Art Talks” speaker at the Rappahannock Art League’s Studio Gallery presenting my program “How a Children’s Picture Book Gets Made”. The Studio Gallery is on Main Street in Kilmarnock, Virginia. “Art Talks” are monthly (except summer), free and open to the public. There will also be my book for sale and signing.
  • April 28-30- I am going to the NLAPW Biennial Convention in Washington D.C. when I will receive the Vinnie Ream Award for Lonely Lola Ladybug! I will also be presenting my program “How a Children’s Picture Book Gets Made” at the Convention. There will also be book sales and signings at this event.

Thank you ALL for being part of Lola’s journey that continues to grow and surprise me.


17 thoughts on “April Birthday for Lola with Big Events!

  1. WOW…what an exciting program of events, Mary Jo! Congrats again on the award….and that is awesome you will be doing a presentation! Hurray for Lola Ladybug…and I love the idea of a fan club of kids.

    • Thank you Vivian for cheering me on and for sharing this blog on your Face Book page. You are such a generous friend!

  2. Wow! What a wonderful Aprilfor you and what a different year. Congratulations,mary jo I am delighted that your art work is receiving such accolades. have awonderful Time in Virginia and washinton.

    • Thank you Jane for your kind words and well wishes. Do you call ladybugs ladybirds in Ontario or was that a typo?

  3. Congratulations on your award, MJ! I’m so thrilled for you! Your presentations sound wonderful. And a Lola fan club sounds like so much fun. All my best to you and Lola! Happy travels!

    • You rock, Mary Jo! I love how you do indeed LEAN into your dream. And now you be living the dream! It’s great, isn’t it? Go, Mary Jo!

    • Thanks girl friend! Right now it’s just coloring pages but you just might have a brilliant idea there for a Lola coloring book!

  4. Hey Josie. Love that you are taping your presentation for kids. Can you forward that to me and I can use it for your potential presentations around Huntington? What a great year you have had. Congratulations! ❤️?

    • Hey Heather, That’s a great idea! The taping was yesterday and the program, including a little play acting, was awesome. When I get the final cut, I will send it to you.Thanks!

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