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Collegiate K Play 1 - CopyIf you would like to see what goes on at one of my author school visits, here is your chance. But I have to warn you, these kids are cuter than puppies! If you like it, please pass this on to anther person you think would be interested especially preschool and elementary school educators, PTO organizers and Literacy Organizations. Maybe share it on Face Book or other social media sites you use. I love doing school visits…can you tell?

Thank you!


8 thoughts on “Author School Visit Video

  1. Mary Jo,
    I love your video! It’s really great! Your visit was a highlight of our spring at Collegiate!

    • Thank you Eileen for all your support in making this possible. Collegiate is a wonderful school with great teachers and bright, beautiful children. I so enjoyed my visit with you all!

  2. What a wonderful video — the children were so captivated throughout! Mary Jo, you are a natural performer — just another of your many talents!

    • Thank you Susan! It is so much fun for me to see the kids faces as I “read” my book to them. Perhaps you know someone at another school in Richmond who would like my visit?

    • Thank you Allison. Collegiate was a memorable day for me too! You get to work at a wonderful school.

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