Book Tour Part II Report

29Hello from Chicago! This past week Book Tour Part Two took me to 10 different independent book stores or toy stores in and around Chicago and 2 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Out of the 12 stores, there were 8 who said they would order copies of my book to sell in their store. Yea! The other 4 stores, for various reasons, were misses; Two only carried hard cover children’s books, another only took children’s books on consignment another was not ordering new books because of low sales. Oh well, you can’t win them all. Part Two of the Book Tour was not as successful as Part One but all together I had a 77% success rate…not bad.  And this time I got to spend a delightful afternoon with the 12 bright and talkative women of a Mequon, Wisconsin book club! After the discussion of their scheduled adult book, I got to pass out copies of Lonely Lola Ladybug, read it to them and answer their questions about creating the book and getting it published. Everyone went home with a copy of Lonely Lola Ladybug and I left with a big smile!

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  1. 77% is awesome! Good job Mary Jo! Your hard work is paying off. I’m curious, did you contact these book stores ahead of time or did you just stop in. And did you leave a copy of your book at each store?

    • Thank you Lauri! For the first tour to Boston and NH I emailed about 8 stores ahead of time and only got 1 reply. When I just showed up at these same stores with my book in hand, I got great results. So for the second tour to Chicago and Milwaukee I just showed up and got pretty good results. It all seems to depends on the openness of the book store and their policy but I think the personal touch works much better than an email. Some times I missed the buyer and had to leave a copy for them to review and then follow up with a phone call a couple days later but most places I got my answer within a few minutes. At most stores I left a copy of the book either because they asked me to or because they were so nice to me, or because it just felt like the right thing to do…the cost of doing business. But a few store owners were nice enough to give the book copy back to me after looking at it and order the book!

  2. How lovely. I managed to sell a photographic print in an art exhibition which is still going on. All the way over in Titirangi, Auckland, New Zealand. The subject was shape shifting photography and I put in one of my first flying lesson last year, it was of Auckland’s CBD from the air, of our sky tower with all that reflected in the wing of the plane I was flying.
    Thanks for your newsletter, it is encouraging to read.

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