Catching Crabs & Kayaking

Catching CrabsThis has been vacation week at the “rivah” for visiting granddaughters Cleo and Lola. Lola, the youngest, was the inspiration for Lonely Lola Ladybug. Cleo and her cousin Annabelle, both six years old, are going to inspire at least one future picture book from me. But since I never do anything simple, I am working on writing two new stories. One is a sequel to Lonely Lola Ladybug called Ladybug Night at the Firefly Ball. The other one is about two little girl birthday party entertainers who call themselves The Magic Fairy Party Makers. Which story do you think is about Cleo and Annabelle? sisters Lola & Cleo

Annabelle July 4th

  Annabelle July 4th


5 thoughts on “Catching Crabs & Kayaking

  1. Your granddaughters and their cousins are just adorable Mary Jo. So grown up already. Remember some years passed when you were just becoming a grandmother. I love Lola Ladybug and am looking forward to the next chapter. Solange

    • Thank you Sloange! I’m sorry I wasn’t clear. I am the lucky grandmother of all three little girls, Cleo, Lola and Annabelle! Annabelle was here at the rivah with her Mom and Dad the week of July 4th. Being a Grammy is so much fun, n’est -ce pas?

    • Thank you Susan for all your support! As you know, just writing the story takes some time and then the art work begins… but yes, I can’t wait to see what it all looks and sounds like too!

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