Lola Ladybug Book Tour

Title Lola Ladybug is packed and ready to go on her first book tour! This merry month of May, while visiting family and friends near Boston MA, Nashua NH, Chicago IL, and Milwaukee WI, I will also be promoting my book. I have set up some appointments to visit independent book stores, libraries, one book club and one children’s book blogger. I can’t wait to see what happens! I will also do some cold calls. Just showing up with my book in hand and asking, “Would you like to carry my book in your store?” works more often than not. It takes a bit of nerve to do and you can’t get discouraged if you get the brush off because the next call could be a winner. It’s amazing what you can get, when you’re just willing to ask.  Speaking of asking…Do you know of a great independent book store, or toy store with books, near you, that might like to carry Lonely Lola Ladybug?