Lola’s on a Great Giveaways Blog Hop!

rockin_book_reviews1There is a new term in my vocabulary… Bog Hop.  What is a Blog Hop? A blog hop, also called a link up, allows bloggers to “hop” onto the site of the blogger hosting the hop and link that information to their site, social media outlets, and other sites on the host’s list. The idea is to create a ripple effect that allows you to visit other blogs, win prizes, follow blogs you like, and gain followers to your blog.

You can participate, whether you’re a blogger or not, by leaving a comment, visiting other blogs, following blogs you like and posting the “The Back to Reality Giveaway Hop” on your social media sites. Everyone has a chance to win!

Click the picture below to see what “The Back to Reality Giveaway Hop” is all about and for a chance to win a few great books reviewed by Rockin’ Book Reviews, including Lonely Lola Ladybug! When you find Lola please leave a comment. Then hop back here to tell me. You just did a “blog hop”!




Free Lola Ladybug Dolls- Drawing

ONLY 7 DAYS LEFT for a chance to win one or two of these lucky little Ladybug dolls inspired by Lonely Lola Ladybug! On June 27th, 2015 (my birthday) some lucky someone will be randomly selected to win one, or maybe even two (for a review) Lola Ladybug dolls! Each doll is handmade (by me)…
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