Children’s Workshop

Saturday SmARTs- The Art of Illustration Workshop

SmARTs- The Art of Illustration Workshop

Yesterday I taught a children’s workshop to an enthusiastic bunch of budding authors/illustrators at the RAL Studio Gallery. The boys and girls, age 7 to 11, were introduced to the art of book Illustration and story making through my children’s picture book, Lonely Lola Ladybug and my talk about How a Children’s Picture Book Gets Made. We focused on the creative process of the writer and illustrator talking about characters, setting, and plot, especially the importance of a good story having a beginning, a middle and an end. We also talked about the importance of sketches for developing ideas into art work. These are concepts that kids need to understand and think about for creating their own stories. Then they dove into the table of art supplies to create a book cover for their story idea. The fun of creating book covers stimulates their imaginations and the development of their stories, adding plot aspects by way of the art materials, especially collage. As you can see from the photo they were very pleased with their results! It was fun to spend creative time with these kids and once again be reminded of how close to the surface sits the imagination of a child.

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    • Yup, you could be right! And the monies earned from the SmARTS children workshops go to the RAL Scholarship fund so it’d a double win!

  1. When I read about this workshop coming up, I was very excited for the kids that would take part – and I knew you’d have a good response. I wish there was such an opportunity for me when I was a youngun. I gave your info to a couple ‘grandmas’ in the area. Congratulations MJ.

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