Corroluna Press is born

Wanting to self-publish my next children’s picture book has led me to form my own teeny tiny publishing company called Corroluna Press. This press has no intention of publishing anything other than my own works. So why become a publisher when I could easily self-publish books without that bother and expense?  Well it’s all about something called an ISBN– International Standards Book Number.  An ISBN is a 13-digit number that uniquely identifies a printed book, audio book, e-book, or video. The purpose of an ISBN is to establish and identify of one title or edition of a title, in a specific format, from one specific publisher. There are publishing services companies that offer to provide authors with an ISBN for free and although this seems like an easier route to take, this option lists their name as the publisher of your book. I want to be the publisher of record and keep complete ownership and control over my creative properties. Thus Corroluna Press is born and the first book we will publish is Messy Magic Birthday!

10 thoughts on “Corroluna Press is born

  1. Congratulations, Mary Jo! Great way to maintain control of your work and marketing of your books– and not to share the profits!
    Wishing you much success with your all Corraluna Press books!

  2. Corroluna Press is born and we are all so proud of you and your perseverance. Can’t wait to read Messy Magic Burthday! Helaina is elated. You are such an entrepreneur and great role model for those of us over 50. Oh wait, or 60. Oh wait or…what’s that other number?
    A plethora of Congratulations balloons to you!

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