Creative January

author -illustrator Logo - EditThe month of January, for me any way, has always been a time of bursting creativity. Maybe it has something to do with the cold weather that makes me want to hunker down in my cozy studio working away. Or maybe it has to do with the New Year “get it in gear” thoughts and desires to complete those projects started last year. I have been working on completing two big ones; the illustrations for my Power Point Presentation of How a Children’s Picture Book Gets Made and writing my next children’s picture book called Messy Magic. I completed the story about a month ago and sent it to my editor who had several comments and suggestions. Once I thought about her comments, I could see her points and started thinking about how I might change the story without losing it essence. Revisions are a necessary part of writing and challenging to do but incredibly rewarding when, after lots of work, I can actually see the story getting stronger. Writing in rhyme makes revisions that much more difficult but I love the creative process of it, which I find is similar to creating a painting, and incredibly exciting when done right because I know kids are going to love it!

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