Doing Too Much Good Stuff?

“Capricious Poppies” by MJ Beswick

While cleaning my studio this week, I came across this painting I did eighteen years ago called Capricious Poppies.  It made me think, “That’s how I feel right now!” Like these poppies, I am going in all different directions at once.  It’s all “good stuff” but I have not blogged in a while and that is not good. I am working on the final proofs for my new book, Messy Magic Birthday and learning there is more to publishing than I thought.  I am heavily involved with the RAL Art League’s transition from Club to Art Center and leading the RAL Membership Team. Volunteering is so worthwhile and fun but it can also be hard to balance. I am doing some local talks and a workshop. I do enjoy teaching. And I am trying to spend a few hours in my studio painting because that keeps me sane. Do you think April may be packed with too much good stuff?

  • April 6- Career Day at Lancaster Middle School: Author/Illustrator/Artist
  • April 7- RAL First Friday Reception BRING A FRIEND Membership Drive
  • April 8- Attend joint fundraiser dinner & auction: The Art of Steamboat Dining
  • April10- Give talk to RAL Photography Group: How a Book is Made
  • April 12- Lead the RAL Monthly Open Critique Group
  • April 20- Deadline for Member/Donor restructure proposal to RAL Board
  • April 21-23- Teach RAL Workshop: Simple Abstraction
  • April 24- Attend RAL Quarterly Membership Meeting
  • April 28 – Messy Magic Birthday, my second children’s picture book, comes out!

May is not looking any less full of good stuff. More to come  . . .

2 thoughts on “Doing Too Much Good Stuff?

  1. It all looks like fun
    And keeps you looking young.
    For those of us living vicariously,
    Your schedule overflows so merriously.
    Thank you for sharing your gifts —
    You give us all a great lift!

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