Friends, Picture Books & Power Point

Map- How Book Gets MadeThe Power Point Presentation I have been working on, How a Children’s Book Gets Made, is finally done! This picture shows The Map that I made for the presentation. It illustrates the traditional journey that a manuscript takes to become a picture book. I owe a big thank you to my friend and PP expert, Susan Sealy, who help me put all the content in the right places. Susan also helped me last year make the presentation of my book, Lonely Lola Ladybug, that I have been using for school visits. This new PP will also be used at school visits of large groups and older children as well as at presentations to adults. Many adults are also curious about the process that creates children’s picture books and I am excited to have two adult presentations scheduled for 2016!  Thank goodness for generous and talented friends, for picture books and for Power Point!

Holly Molly it’s getting close now! This is the last call for reviews of Lonely Lola Ladybug and a chance to win the Ladybug Doll and Book GIVEAWAY. It all ends at midnight January 31st.  All you have to do is write a short, honest review of Lonely Lola Ladybug and put it on any one of these three sites (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Good Reads) and let me know. Go to the Home tab above for easy links to all three sites. Reviews really help to get the word out there about Lola and I so appreciate you taking the time to do it.

Lola Ladybug Friends & Book

Lola Ladybug Friends & Book

3 thoughts on “Friends, Picture Books & Power Point

  1. I ma truly impressed by your dedication to your children’s book Lola ladybug. I now own the book and hope I will be able to share it with a grandchild soon. I love it.

    • Oh Solange, I am so glad that you bought my book and that you love it! Thank you. I can picture you reading it to your beautiful little grandchild on your knee. Please keep me posted.

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