Happy Halloweensie!

Haunted House by Anne Costello, Lancaster, VA Rivah Miniaturists

Haunted House by Anne Costello, Lancaster, VA
Rivah Miniaturists

I thought you might enjoy a little Halloween treat. I am doing something I have never done before, entering a writing contest on line. The contest is Susanna Hill’s 5th Annual Halloweensie Contest and sounds like fun!  Keep in mind, I’m an illustrator first and writer second. I see the pictures in my mind for every page of this little ditty and if it were to become a picture book, it would be for preschoolers, 2-4 years old. My inspiration came from this haunted house by Anne Costello of the Rivah Miniaturists. I don’t know Anne but happened to see her delightful creation on display at my local public library.

The Contest:  write a 100 word Halloween story appropriate for children (title not included in the 100 words), using the words costumedark, and haunt.   Your story can be scary, funny or anything in between, poetry or prose, but it will only count for the contest if it includes those 3 words and is 100 words (you can go under, but not over!)  Get it?  Halloweensie – because it’s not very long and it’s for little people 🙂  (And yes, I know 100 words is short but that’s part of the fun and the challenge!  We got over 130 fantastic entries last year so I know you can do it!)  Also, you may use the words in any form – e.g. haunt, haunts, haunted, darkness, darkening, costumed, whathaveyou 🙂

For details, please click here: http://susannahill.blogspot.com/

Here is my humble entry to Susanna Hill’s 5th Annual Halloweensie Writing Contest! After reading it, please hop over to Susanna’s website to read many more Halloween tales.

What to be for Halloween?  (99 words)

“What is your costume for Halloween?” asked nosy neighbor Mr. Green.

“I don’t know,” said Jack.

“I will be a spooky ghost!” said Oscar Oats  “What about you?”

“I don’t know,” said Jack.

“I will be a scary black cat!” said Pity Pat. “What about you?”

“I don’t know,” grumbled Jack.

 “I will be a pumpkin mouse!” said baby Klaus.  “What about you?”

“I don’t know!” shouted Jack

Jack sat in the dark and thought and thought.

“Ah ha!” he said,“I know!”

“I will be a haunted house… with a ghost and a cat and a pumpkin mouse!”

29 thoughts on “Happy Halloweensie!

  1. Holy Halloweensie…this is awesome, Mary Jo! I am so so so happy you are joining in the fun at Susanna’s this year. I love your story…lots of kid-appeal…great repetition and a clever twist at the end. Super job!!!!

    • Thank you Vivian! It’s all because of you and your sharing spirit that I found Susanna Hill. I hope I entered the link to my post correctly…not sure it got entered in the contest.

    • Thank you Gabrielle! When I was a kid (quite a while ago) what you were going to be for Halloween was always a discussion. I believe it still is today. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Halloween to you too!

    • Thank you Jen! Who knows, maybe I will work on it as a picture book someday. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Halloweensie! I loved your fun entry and your illustrations!

  2. Awesome entry, Mary Jo! I’d have never guessed you are a first-timer. I love how Jack became more & more upset as everyone else thought of costumes & I love the great twist at the end.

    • Ah…thank you Patricia! Yup, first timer for Halloweensie and any other on line writing contest. I guess I’m kind of a closet writer who is more comfortable with showing my illustrations than my writing. Thanks for your encouraging words and Happy Halloween!

    • Thank you Teresa! Vivian is a peach and has such a sharing spirit! I checked out your “becomer” website and will definitely be back! Lot’s of good stuff there. BTW- I once had a cat in a dog’s body.

    • Thanks Christy! It is fun! I loved your’s, “Witch Lace and Zombie Ribbons” especially the ghoulish images you conjured up!

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