Hooked on Books Reading Camp!

Hooked on Books Camp at Collegiate School, Richmond,VA

Hooked on Books Camp, Collegiate School, Richmond,VA

This week I made my second author-illustrator visit to Collegiate School’s “Hooked on Books” summer reading camp.  I talked to groups of campers from Kindergarten through seasoned 4-5th graders about what goes into creating a children’s picture book and read them Lonely Lola Ladybug projected on a screen. All three age groups were thoroughly engaged and full of questions and comments.  Some 1st and 2nd graders wanted me to make another Lola Ladybug book and volunteered suggestions for what that book might be about. The biggest surprise was that even the big kids group (3, 4 & 5th graders) were enthusiastic about my “picture” book and were inspired to create story boards of their own picture book ideas, which were very impressive! What a pleasure it was to present programs to both camp sessions of these enthusiastic and creative kids! They inspire me to want to do more.                                                                   FullSizeRender (4)

6 thoughts on “Hooked on Books Reading Camp!

    • It was great to be with these sweet kids and at the end a few little girls just came up and gave me a hug.

  1. So many cool things about this story! The kids are engaged to something low tech, they want to create, and to hear their ideas! Seriously cool!

    • It was serious fun and interesting to see the book ideas the kids came up with like, a giant gummy bear who is saved by a robot from being eaten by humans. Can you guess?.. that was a 5th grade boy.

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