Johnny Appleseed: Fruitless Plan?

appleRemember the story of Johnny Appleseed? Johnny had a dream to produce so many apples that no one would ever go hungry. He wandered the countryside planting his seeds in hopes that they would grow into mature trees and bear fruit.  I feel like that. I go around planting Lola Ladybug seeds in different places with different people, hoping they will grow and eventually bear fruit.  This week I sent out dozens of emails and made several phone calls to book shops, gift shops, and other nice people planting my seeds. Most of those seeds, I like to believe, are stuck in some crack somewhere, some were definitely crushed but a few have sprouted. Storybook Cove in Hanover MA and Toadstool Books in N H are having me back in October and do events at their stores! Yea! One bookstore declined to do an event even though they said my book sold off the shelf the first morning they put it out. (?)  I can only hope they will order more. The Gift Shop at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden told me that my books have arrived and are on the shelves!  Yea!  I guess I’ll just keep planting my seeds and hoping for the best. It worked for Johnny Appleseed, right?

5 thoughts on “Johnny Appleseed: Fruitless Plan?

  1. Yes, I feel like planting fruit trees in Auckland streets so no child here in New Zealand would ever go hungry, nation wide. Not just Auckland
    I did not read Johnny Appleseed but what a good idea, I’ve thought of it.

  2. One or two a day or week … and you will have an orchard in a year! I know it can be slow-going at times (I remember well), but once you’ve put down roots, the sales will start to grow and bear fruit! Oh, the metaphor is unceasing!! Good luck!

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