Late Bloomer – Leaning into the Dream

author -illustrator Logo - Crop  Do you have a dream? Are you leaning into it?

My dream was to write and illustrate a children’s picture book. I dabbled with this over the years but I never really committed to it until 2013 when I realized that I wasn’t getting any younger… time was running out. My mantra became, “Just finish one.” I chose one of the many unfinished stories I had and began writing and rewriting it. For over a year I wrote and rewrote.  Finally, I began working on the illustrations. They stimulated some fun changes to the story. Who knew this would happen? The drawing and writing began to play off one other and I did more rewriting and more drawing. I stayed committed to just leaning into it… one small steady step at a time. It was fun and the more I worked on it, the better the book got and that empowered me. I decided to lean further into the dream and joined three organizations for writers and illustrators. I was leaning, learning, working and evolving into something I had only dreamed of being. Then my goal became clear….get my book published, even if I had to do it myself. Amazingly, at an Pen Women’s meeting, I met a publisher who wanted to publish my book! As they say, the rest is history. My very first “finished” picture book, Lonely Lola Ladybug, is being published by Bellastoria Press and will be released for sale April 1st.
Tell me about your dream. It’s never too late to start LEANING.

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