Lola Ladybug Fan Club for Kids!

I Love Lola PinLola is  starting a fan club for kids! If your child is a Lola Ladybug fan, she or he can receive quarterly “Letters from Lola” via your email and maybe even write her back!  “Letters from Lola” are kid inspired words of wisdom and inspiration from “the little ladybug that could” plus a Lola coloring page or activity to do. The first Letter from Lola will go out this June and will be about the importance of summer reading.  To register your child for the Lola Ladybug Fan Club, simply use the CONTACT form on this site. Please put Lola Fan Club in the subject line and tell me your child’s name and birthday (month/day/year) and that he/she wants to receive “Letters from Lola”. Letters will be sent to the registered email address quarterly. Children can write back to Lola at

Speaking of Lola fans, I just have to share a couple pics from last Fridays awesome visit to Collegiate School in Richmond. FullSizeRender (1)You will be able to see a video clip of this visit on my site shortly.



7 thoughts on “Lola Ladybug Fan Club for Kids!

  1. Great idea to make the connetion with children,mary Jo. Lola would delight many young children and so you will have to write a sequel or a similar book! All the best to you.

  2. fantastic. enjoyed last night. hope you work it out for French group. let me know if you went to Renwick. bette

  3. What fun this will be! I can remember, as a kid, looking forward to the next ‘fan club’ letters or mailings. I bet kids will love writing letters to Lola – as much fun as Lola will have by responding. All my best!

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