Lola Ladybug has Book Review in Style!

Style Mag ReviewThe June issue of Chesapeake Style Magazine has a review of my book, Lonely Lola Ladybug! It was written by education specialist and author, Mary Ann Carr. Here are just a couple things she had to say.

“Lola’s story is a lesson about overcoming fear and taking risks in order to open doors to a whole new world.  She learns happiness comes not just from friendship but also from discovering who she truly is.”

“The book’s colorful mixed-media illustrations, coupling collage and water-color, are in themselves a work of art. Children of all ages will delight in the whimsical drawings of the insects Lola encounters on her journey.”

Yahoo! To read the entire review on page 14, click this link to the magazine.

3 thoughts on “Lola Ladybug has Book Review in Style!

  1. Hip hip hooray for an awesome review, Mary Jo! I am so happy…and not surprised. 🙂
    I spoke to Brian at Toadstool Bookstore…he said they are excited about all the new pb authors they will have represented on their shelves (you must be one of those) and that they want to have a book signing this summer…and that my parenting book will fit right in. 😉 😉 😉

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