Lola Ladybug seen in Botanical Garden!

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

For those of you who do not live near Richmond, Virginia, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is considered one of the top ten botanical gardens in the country.  It is not only a beautiful place to visit but also a vibrant part of the Richmond community with popular social and educational functions and opportunities to volunteer. It also happens to have a fabulous Garden Gift Shop brimming with beautiful “things botanical”.  After weeks of trying to meet the buyer, last week, I finally did and I am thrilled to tell you that Lonely Lola Ladybug will soon be for sale in the children’s section of this marvelous gift shop. Yahoo! Lewis Ginter loves Lola! Do you know of another “garden gift shop” that might love our brave little Ladybug?

9 thoughts on “Lola Ladybug seen in Botanical Garden!

  1. Josie,
    Congratulations on finding yet another home for Lola. Your dedication and hard work has really paid off. I don’t have a contact but Brooklyn Botanical Gardens would be a great place to try and then come out to Huntington and stay with us. Just a reminder, our “mom & pop” book store in Huntington “Book Review” hosts many notable and local authors and their books. They have a wonderful children’s section and when you decide to come to NY I bet you could get them to promote your book!

    • Thank you Heather!I will try the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and I would love to come out to Huntington and stay with you! I have emailed Steve Brown at the Book Revue and hope he will agree to carry Lonely Lola Ladybug but sometimes booksellers are reluctant to order with out seeing the actual book. And today there are so many self published authors who agree to have their book taken on “consignment”, that that is becoming the norm. Consignment doesn’t work for me because I would make -0. Booksellers must order direct from my publisher Bellastoria Press OR from the distributor called Ingram. If you are game to go to the Book Revue with your copy of my book, show it to Steve and tell him it is available from Ingram, that might just work!

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