Making a Picture Book: Process & Progress

MMB-Story Board

MMB-Story Board

Here are some pics to show you the progress I made the past two week on illustrating my next children’s picture book, Messy Magic Birthday. First, the story board( up on the fridge) was completed with rough sketches to plan how the illustrations would go with the text. Next, I scanned and printed these sketches, pasted pages and put them together to make a little book called the Dummy. The Dummy shows the potential layout of illustrations, text and especially important, where the page turns occur. It will be presented to publishers to show my vision for the book. I also made a PDF version that can be emailed to publishers. So now the task becomes finding a publisher who wants to publish this fun filled, fantasy about a boy’s wish for a real magic birthday party.  On goes the hopes and dream of  creating my next children’s picture book!

MMB- Book Dummy

MMB- Book Dummy

9 thoughts on “Making a Picture Book: Process & Progress

  1. It sounds like a lot of work Mary Jo. I know it will be a fun filled story for the little ones. Best of luck for the book to reach the best publisher. Stay cool, it will be a scorching few days. Solange

  2. Sounds like a great challenge along with a lot of creativity that is required to bring it to life.
    Good Luck.

  3. This is a most helpful blog especially for illustrators. You have so much talent, you deserve to do well.Good luck. I also liked your teaching presentations, Mary Jo. You obviously made a good impression. I read the reviews on Amazon.

    • Thank you Jane, for your kind comments. I enjoy interacting with the children during school visits and seeing their reaction to my book is so much fun!

  4. Fantastic idea to show everyone how your work progresses!
    I love your new concept.
    Do you get your list of children’s publishers from google or do you
    have “inside” information of whom to contact?
    Best of luck and I will be looking forward to book # 2!

    • Thanks for your comments Judy! I did get some children’s publishers from a google search but also from “kid-lit” organizations that I belong to like SCBWI: the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators,SBI: Children’s Books Insider and the 12 x 12 writers challenge. Thanks for the good luck wish!

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