Messy Magic Birthday preview gets A+!

This week I had the pleasure to visit Winkelman Elementary School in Glenview, Illinois to preview my new book, Messy Magic Birthday, to 90 second graders. (one of whom is my granddaughter Cleo) I began by talking about writing and illustrating children’s books and how Lonely Lola Ladybug started as just an idea in my head but with a lot of work became an award winning book. They listened intently while I read them a projected version of my new book, Messy Magic Birthday, on a big screen in the media room.

When I finished reading, I told them that my goal for this book was to create a romping, rhyming, roller coaster story of pure fun, like an amusement ride.  I asked, “Do you think I succeed?”

“Yes!” they said, “You get an A+!”  I consider that the best review I could get!

I showed them some original illustrations from the book and we talked about the importance of a book’s cover. Then they asked if I would also read them Lonely Lola Ladybug. Luckily, I had a digital copy of it on a thumb drive in my pocket so we could project it onto the big screen. I thought that the 8 year olds might not be as into the little ladybug as younger children are but when I read it to them, I could see by their faces that they were deeply involved in the emotions of Lola’s story. That was really rewarding and why I love to do this. Thank you Winkelman school for a great visit!

Grammy & Cleo Beswick

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6 thoughts on “Messy Magic Birthday preview gets A+!

  1. Lovely pics of Cleo and her grandmother as well as the class who seem thrilled and relating to your stories..
    So proud and happy that you’re enjoying this etape and sharing your passion and talents.

  2. Mary Jo:
    What fun it seems to have been, sharing your new book and Lonely Lola Ladybug with the children. You ought to be so proud of your success considering the time and energy you put into those books. I admire your tenacity and talent, as well as how you handle the business side of promoting your artwork. Little Cleo is adorable posing with her lovely grandma.

  3. MJB

    It’s always a delight to see your dream continue to unfold. Congratulations on Messy Magic Birthday! What a delight.

    I think J K Rowling may have started this way, too? Dream big, dream higher, dream further…..

    Love you


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