Missing My Bliss

ozzie-by-the-drawing-boardWhat is a person’s bliss? What does it feel like and why is it missed?  What do you do when “life gets in the way” of doing the thing you love?

Because of minor surgery and some major upheaval at my local art league, I have only made it into my art studio 3 times in the past couple weeks and you know what happened? I got grumpy! Planning creative work is fine and necessary but it’s the moments spent in the actual process of “creating something” that takes one to that happy place, or zone, where the magic happens.  In that zone, time doesn’t exist. It all feels like being completely in the present moment and with something that is bigger than oneself; something that is timeless and magical, accessible and fleeting, filled with a sense of freedom and purpose, of happy contentment and pleasant surprises. Oh, no wonder I’m grumpy…I miss my bliss!

My brother, who is a great golfer, tells me that this is how he feels when he is playing “good” golf. Maybe this is why so many retired people take up art and golf! Are we looking for our bliss? Is there something you love to do that makes you feel this way?

Sometimes life gets in the way and I guess we need to balance our bliss with reality but reality isn’t nearly as much fun. On the bright side, here I am for a few moments in my studio, back at the drawing board, with my buddy, Ozzie. He has missed being in the studio too.


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6 thoughts on “Missing My Bliss

    • Dear Mary Jo sorry your bliss has been elusive. We need your colorful dreams on paper. my bliss this soft morning Is here on the porch with my Bible and a cup of cinnamon tea. Hugs

  1. Beautifully written piece about a sentiment many of us feel but may not have put a name to it: “Finding your bliss.” For me, it would be my art, but for now, daily responsibilities have been getting in the way. So a “quick blast of bliss” for me is a nightly crossword puzzle in bed with my dachshund pressed at my side. All the pressures of the day melt away in that singular moment.

    • Thanks for the wonderful insights, Mary Jo. My bliss is typically in the “outdoor studio”, especially on these crisp, colorful days. Been thinking of our wonderful times together at the OBX, painting and sharing, then sharing a group show featuring the Beach Babes!! Brenda is having a solo show tonight at For Art’s Sake so I’ll be there. Miss you.

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