One Illustration at a Time

Leaning into the Dream, no matter what that Dream may be, can sometimes seem overwhelming. So I have to remind myself, “Just keep leaning”. Set small goals that will move the imaginary ball towards the Dream Goal and then chunk that down into small achievable tasks, like creating one illustration at a time.  From start to finish, here are some pics of developing just one illustration for my next book, Messy Magic Birthday. What do you think?

What does the clown looks like?

step #1 Pencil drawing of the clumsy clown at Jack’s birthday party.


Transfer the drawing and add color with paint.

Step #2 Transfer the drawing in permanent black ink to watercolor paper and add color with paint.

More color with paint

Step #3 Added more paint and then cut paper shapes for collage. The light table lets me see the shapes through the watercolor paper.

Added background color before paper bunting.

Step #4 Added background watercolor before pasting the last paper shapes in place.

Finished! I added the text just to show you but it is removable.

Step #5 Added removable text just to show how it would look. One clumsy clown illustration done!

LADYBUG ALERT !   LADYBUG ALERT! Next time, Lonely Lola Ladybug goes to a museum.

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