PAINT NIGHT: Paint like Matisse!

La Blouse Romaine

La Blouse Romaine by Henri Matisse

La Blouse Romaine- Friday evening, November 18th I’m leading a “Paint Night” at the Rappahannock Art League based on this famous Matisse painting, La Blouse Roumaine. (the Romanian Blouse) Artists and non-artists alike are welcome to come because no painting experience is necessary to enjoy a fun evening with friends and go home with your own masterpiece! The last time I lead a Paint Night, half the students had never painted before. So invite your friends, or your work colleagues and come have some painting fun! Call 804-436-9309 to sign up for “Paint Like Matisse” Friday, November 18 from 6:30-8:30 pm. Below is why I chose this particular painting.

matisseromanianblousesmulti-picWhen I saw this painting at the Musee National d”Arte Modern, in Paris, I was struck by how simple and beautiful it was in a perfect expression of femininity. Matisse (1868- 1954) speaks in a visual language of expressive colors, shapes and patterns that everyone can relate to. He is recognized as one of the leading artists of Modern Art. He was fascinated with the Romanian blouse costumes that were popular at the time. Matisse painted many different versions of women wearing these “peasant blouses”. From Queen Mary of Romania to Yves Saint-Laurent, the traditional Romanian blouse has remained a symbol of universal femininity. The handmade embroidery finds its roots in a picturesque past that is thousands of years old.  Romanian women carry on the tradition of sewing these peasant blouses to this day. Simply named “i.e.” in Romanian, the blouse is arguably the strongest representative pieces of Romanian folklore. Check out this link for more about this long time popular folk art form.

How Romanian blouses became an international style


2 thoughts on “PAINT NIGHT: Paint like Matisse!

  1. Mary Jo: The paint night sounds like a lot of fun and I hope that you will have lots of registrants. I just love Matisse’s colorful art and how he painted women. Thanks for the link to the Romanian weaver, very interesting.

    On another note our little Logan was born Friday morning and we are elated grandparents. Does not get any better than that…..

  2. Mary Jo, this is an interesting blog and it also reminds me of a lovely Austrian blouse I was given with detailed embroidery on it . The blouse is very fine cotton and had the same wide sleeves. The article was fascinating and I enjoyed the old pictures. My blouse also has a draw string at the neckline.
    Have a great time on Nov 18th. About the same time – on 19th , I am at a local Heritage Vvillage in Ontario,selling my books.
    Best wishes, Jane

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