Ready for the Ride

Ready to RideCan you believe October is just around the corner? October promises to be a wild ride for the late bloomer, author illustrator, with four “first time” (for me anyway) author events in three different states. October 3rd I will be representing Bellastoria Press at The Williamsburg Book Festival along with fellow children’s book illustrator Cathy Cottrell. We will be 2 of 38 authors at the festival in colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. October 9th is my first out of state school visit to Halifax Elementary School in Halifax, Massachusetts. I will be presenting Lonely Lola Ladybug to 80 bright eyed kindergarteners. Thank you to kindergarten teacher Jen Reidy!  Oct. 12th will be my first book signing at an independent book store, the wonderful Toadstool Books in Milford, New Hampshire.  I am very excited to be partnering at this event with my new friend and colleague, author/ kid lit blogger, Vivian Kirkfield! And Last but not least, October 23-24 I will be attending my very first Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators Conference in northern Virginia. This will be a chance to network and learn from experts in the industry and I get to have a short review of my book dummy of The Magic Fairy Party Makers with a professional editor or agent! I just finished the storyboard that I showed you last week and the book dummy is next. This is all good stuff!

October also marks the sixth month since the launch of my children’s picture book, Lonely Lola Ladybug. So much has happened (and not happened) since then that it is hard to judge how things are going. It certainly has not been like in the movies where crowds of people line up to buy the author’s debut book. The reality is it takes a lot of work to get traction and momentum going. It also takes a lot of help from wonderful people, like you.  Thank you to all of you who are supporting me in so many different ways. I feel like we’re making some headway! Stay tuned for follow ups on leaning into the dream as children’s book author and illustrator.

6 thoughts on “Ready for the Ride

  1. Mary Jo-meme!

    Well done! Momentum builds slowly but then it accelerates and, just like a plane headed down the runway, there is a time for liftoff and the winds and power you have generated will take you higher than you ever dreamed.

    Now is the time to rev up those engines.

    I admire you. And, of course, love you and BB.


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