What Teachers Say

“When Mary Jo visited our summer reading and writing camp, it was a treat for students and teachers alike! She brought her book, Lonely Lola Ladybug, to life reading aloud with expression, passion and excitement as she captured our audience’s attention. She educated us all about the process of taking her idea for a story and, after many months of work, creating a published book which is now available for children of all ages to enjoy.  The language in her story is rich and the text is written in beautiful rhyme.   We look forward to future visits by Mary Jo Beswick.  She is a delightful presenter and her first book is a treasure!”  Eileen Beane Director, Hooked on Books Reading Camp, Collegiate School, Richmond

“Mary Jo Beswick’s visit to our school was captivating!  She engaged our Kindergartners with her animated presentation of how she wrote and illustrated her book, Lonely Lola Ladybug.  Mrs. Beswick held the interest of the children by challenging them to look for a specific illustration as she read her story, and by asking them to retell the story in their own words.  She encouraged them to feel like authors and illustrators themselves, as she led them to create their own book covers during the hands-on portion of the program.  Our students were eager to persevere with their writing and complete their books.  The story and message of Lonely Lola Ladybug is very age-appropriate, and led our Kindergartners to make many self-to-text connections.  The overall themes of friendship fear of the unknown, and becoming confident sparked discussions about social skills. These were themes that we can build upon long after her presentation. Mrs. Beswick’s program was very inspirational and we highly recommend a visit from her!”

–Jennifer Reidy, Lisa Whitney, Donna DeSalvo and Beth Antoine

Kindergarten Teachers, Halifax Elementary School

“Mary Jo came to both camp’s sessions and presented a PowerPoint version of her book to a range of students aged 4-11. Each time her presentation was perfectly pitched to suit the age range of the students involved. The children loved seeing her original artwork and learning about the steps she took to produce her book. She was engaging and interesting to listen to, and held the students’ attention well. Our experience with Mary Jo was so memorable that we are planning to have her come back to our school again during the regular school year.”

 Nicola Byford, Kindergarten Teacher, Collegiate School, Richmond, VA