Spring Book Marketing!

Spring has sprungSpring has sprung in Virginia! It’s time for gardening, tax prep, and spring cleaning. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Then there is marketing “Lola”, working on the new book and preparing for the NLAPW Convention in April and well… its mind boggling. I’m not complaining just explaining why this blog is late. I have been spring book marketing!

I wish I could say that I have been busy working on my new book but spring is the time for ladybugs and I have been too busy with Lonely Lola who, as it turns out, isn’t all that lonely anymore! We are coming up on Lola’s first birthday (April 1st) and it feels like things are blossoming for her. Two more local locations, are selling my book, the Stewart on Main Art Gallery in Gloucester and the La Source Spa in Kilmarnock. I did another school visit last Friday and remember those handmade cards I sent to botanical garden gift shops? One of them resulted in a win. The Butterfly House at the Missouri Botanical Garden is getting Lola! Yea! But that is 1 win out of 20 cards sent and I was hoping for 2 (10%). Only one other buyer even respond and the rest just fell into a black hole.

I am in the process of evaluating what marketing is worth my time and what is not. You might be surprised by some of the answers. Visiting independent book stores and doing book signings doesn’t result in many book sales, at least not for unknown authors and it isn’t really all that much fun.  Even if they put your book on their shelves and even if they sell those books they will not necessarily order more of your books.The life of a newly published book on the shelves of any book store is about 30 days. This is probably not the best use of my time.  School visits, on the other hand, are so much fun to do, usually result in good book sales and I feel good about helping teachers get kids excited about reading and writing. Doing more of this is worth my time.

The best marketing is still “word of mouth”, not only me talking about my book but also you talking about my book. I figure that over 450 copies of Lonely Lola Ladybug have sold in the United States in this first year and there are, as of today, 39 reviews of Lola on Amazon.com.  That means that hundreds more could be added. I thank all of you who have bought my book and taken the time to leave a review. You have made a difference. Authors need reader’s reviews so their books came be found on line by other readers. If you haven’t done so yet, please click here and leave a short honest review of Lonely Lola Ladybug.

Thank you and Happy spring everyone!

2 thoughts on “Spring Book Marketing!

  1. Selling a book seems to me to be more work than writing it! I do not enjoy marketing so appreciate how tired you must be with it all and school visits. Perhaps ,if one place has your cards, others will catch on to ot. There was a real rave for ladybirds in Ontario about 3 years ago. Maybe your books and cards will start one in your area! there was a fair about of china ones and pictures on cups etc.
    Good luck and enjoy the spring weather.

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