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Studio Design Nook at CorrolunaI love being in my studio creating, crafting, working on my next children’s picture book! This week, I finished writing (pre-edited version) my story, The Magic Fairy Party Makers. (Working title, hum…is it a bit too long?) Yea! Big accomplishment! But, no rest of the “late bloomer”, so now I am in my studio creating a story board of rough sketches for illustrations to go with the text. Story boarding not only plays with the visual ideas to express the text but also the pacing of the book. Where the page turns occur are important to the pacing in the story because they need to build anticipation of what the next page will reveal. This is a key element to children’s picture books. You can see by the pic below that my story board, which is tacked up on the fridge, has a ways to go. Story boarding takes a lot of work and it will take more than one story board to get to the next step, which is creating something called a book dummy. Dummy!?! Hey, but it’s all happy work because it’s studio time! Story Board 1

14 thoughts on “Studio Time!

  1. Yay MJ!!
    We can’t wait to see your next book. Hope we are still on for another Collegiate visit next spring to meet Lola. Good luck with the story. Oh yes, the title does sound a bit long to me, but it does have those catchy syllables that “Lonely Lola Ladybug” has. Love it!!

    • Thank you Nicki! Lola and I look forward to the spring visit at Collegiate! Thank you for all your support and encouragement. You teachers at Collegiate rock!

    • Thank you Mary! Lola is doing well with kids, teachers, school librarians, and some independent book stores. With the big boys, there are ups and downs in getting seen in a sea of children’s books today. It basically comes down to the people…if they are receptive or not. I just keep planting my seeds and am grateful for those that grow!

    • Thanks Rory! Yes, it is an interesting creative process, sort of like solving a puzzle, just trying things, staying flexible until the very end when hopefully the pieces fits and everything comes together into something good!

  2. Wonderful to see your creative self at work and loving it!
    No wonder it is optimistic and inspiring.
    Keep us informed and may your creative “bug” keep buzzing.
    Catherine and Tom

    • Thanks Pamela! Mine can get messy too. When illustrating, there are bits of paper and paint bottles and tubes all over the place! The story boarding process just happen to be less messy.

  3. Weary Jo,

    I would love to hear more about the process of story boarding. It looks like it would take forever!!! Love your blogs.


    • Hey thanks Marus! Your comment inspires me to show my progress on the story board in my next blog. It does take a lot of mental energy and trial and error but I am using a sightly different material this time and getting faster results. Stay tuned!

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