Lucky Labor Day & New Beginnings

writing with fingers crossedCan you believe Labor Day weekend is here already? It always marks the melancholy end of summer mixed with the excitement of fall and a new beginning. Do you feel that way? Maybe I do because my mother was a 1st grade school teacher who shared her children’s experience and enthusiasm for both the lazy days off of summer and the beginning of the new school year. New beginnings are always a mix of anxiety and excitement, mostly surrounding the unknown. Looking at that blank white paper and believing it is ripe with the power of possibility, takes a leap of faith. Faith that one is capable of creating good things and that there is just as much potential for good to come as for anything else. But that said…I have my fingers crossed for good luck about a lot of things in the works and pending for Lonely Lola Ladybug, which will all come to light this fall. So Lucky Labor Day! Here’s to work, to new beginnings and good luck! Keeping my fingers crossed…although it’s hard to work with fingers crossed.Lazy Labor Day