Lola Ladybug has Book Review in Style!

Style Mag ReviewThe June issue of Chesapeake Style Magazine has a review of my book, Lonely Lola Ladybug! It was written by education specialist and author, Mary Ann Carr. Here are just a couple things she had to say.

“Lola’s story is a lesson about overcoming fear and taking risks in order to open doors to a whole new world.  She learns happiness comes not just from friendship but also from discovering who she truly is.”

“The book’s colorful mixed-media illustrations, coupling collage and water-color, are in themselves a work of art. Children of all ages will delight in the whimsical drawings of the insects Lola encounters on her journey.”

Yahoo! To read the entire review on page 14, click this link to the magazine. http://www.chesapeakestyle.com/


Lola Ladybug Book Tour

Title Lola Ladybug is packed and ready to go on her first book tour! This merry month of May, while visiting family and friends near Boston MA, Nashua NH, Chicago IL, and Milwaukee WI, I will also be promoting my book. I have set up some appointments to visit independent book stores, libraries, one book club and one children’s book blogger. I can’t wait to see what happens! I will also do some cold calls. Just showing up with my book in hand and asking, “Would you like to carry my book in your store?” works more often than not. It takes a bit of nerve to do and you can’t get discouraged if you get the brush off because the next call could be a winner. It’s amazing what you can get, when you’re just willing to ask.  Speaking of asking…Do you know of a great independent book store, or toy store with books, near you, that might like to carry Lonely Lola Ladybug?


Lonely Lola Ladybug Goes Global!

23 It has been quite a “coming out” week for Lonely Lola Ladybug! Not only is she now available on line at Bellastoriapress.com, Amazon.com, and barnesandnoble.com in the U.S.A., she is also available on line in the U.K., Australia, Denmark, Singapore, Japan, and India! Yes, India! That is WILD!

Lola was wished a “Hoppy Birthday” by my favorite Finley Frog on a Blog http://frogonablog.net/tag/mary-jo-beswick/ Thank you Lauri Fortino! Check out her Children’s Books Old and New Challenge A to Z … very fun!

Closer to home, Lonely Lola Ladybug is now on sale at the Studio Gallery in Kilmarnock, VA where I also sell my paintings and last Tuesday I had my first radio interview with Neal Steele at WXGM http://xtra99.com. I was so nervous the butterflies in my stomach felt like pigeons but Neal was so calm and kind and asked such great questions that it actually went pretty well. Well enough that I am doing another radio interview some time in April on 101.7BayFM.  So…Lola is definitely out of hibernation and having so much fun! I wonder what will happen next? Have you got any ideas for Lola to fly a little further?


What to do for a Book Launch Party?

Tea Party Crop    The idea for a ladybug tea party came from my book, Lonely Lola Ladybug, but where could I have it and just what would it be? I enlisted the help of a friend, Susan Martin Mitchell, who is a public relations expert. Susan outdid herself and completely exceeded my expectations!  She arranged to have the first ever Lola Ladybug Tea Party/ Launch Party at the prestigious Country Club of Virginia!  Picture this: 30 to 50 ( 4-8 year old) children in optional ladybug costume, their parents or grandparents, listening to Story Time (me read Lonely Lola Ladybug out loud with illustrations projected on a screen) , followed by ladybug Craft Time for the kids,  Book Signing and Sales for the parents, followed by Tea Time with cakes for all!  Boy! That sounds like so much more fun than the traditional book signing at a book store. Maybe I should do that? Do you think other clubs, schools or organizations would like to have a Lola Ladybug Tea Party/Book Signing?