The Lucky Book Basket


Luck, the good kind anyway, is when preparation meets opportunity so you better be prepared. Pack that purse with promotion cards and have a lovely basket full of those shiny new books in your car at all times  I sold 15 copies from that basket this past week and gave 4 copies away.  I went to two local libraries to donate a copy with mixed results.  At the first I got a polite brush off, “thank you for your book, don’t call us, we’ll call you…maybe.” At the other, I got the complete opposite.  Thank you, Miss Tanya Carter, at the Lancaster Community Library, who gave me a warm reception! She had a photo taken of me donating my book to her.  She enthusiastically talked with me about possible opportunities such as a small Local Author’s Book Signing she is planning this summer and a primary school visit to help promote her Summer Reading Program. Yea Miss Tanya! I am happy to help you.

I also gave a copy to a writer colleague of mine who has graciously agreed to review my book for the Chesapeake Style Magazine. Yea again!   I went on my first “cold call” to the delightful, independent Toy Center in Richmond.  They sell children’s books as well as toys.  They loved my book! They have decided to carry it in the store and they invited me to do a book signing /reading in the store on June 13! Double yea!! I then got so bold as to bring my now Lucky Book Basket into my financial advisors office where she not only bought two copies but immediately called a school teacher friend of hers to tell her about my book and ask if she wanted to meet me. Wow! How great was that!

I can’t tell you how much fun this is and how grateful I am to have so many generous people supporting me.  I appreciate all of you from the friend who sent me a supportive text message to the friend who called all her friends to tell them to buy my book!  You are the best! And I feel so very LUCKY!

Lastly, I do have to tell you the bad luck. The Lola Ladybug Tea Party/ Book Launch was cancelled due to not enough little Ladybug Club Members signed up to make it a go. I know… bummer, right?  Especially after, a friend of mine made me a beautiful Power Point presentation to show the book to a crowd. I still think it’s a great idea and hope to try it again at a different venue.


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  1. MJ, you go, Girl! Don’t worry, the tea party will happen…later,, and when it does, it will be a sell-out.

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