The Power of Journaling

Morning Journaling

Morning Journaling in Studio at Corroluna

Last Saturday I gave a talk at my local Pen Women’s meeting on the “Power of Journaling”. Few people know that for over 15 years, I have been keeping an odd array of journals that are full of all sorts of things besides words. I made the decision early on not to put any restrictions or limitations on what I could put between these blank pages. There are words of course but also sketches, doodles, pictures torn form magazines, photos, and a few important souvenirs but mostly they are about my personal thoughts and feeling rather than what I did that day. There is a lot about creating art work and my intentions and desires for them as well as my personal life. Through this process of putting pen to paper almost every day, I discovered a writing habit that has given me valuable tools like discipline, clarity, permission, and documentation of personal growth that are all part of the journey to find one’s authentic “voice”.  I do not believe that I would be where I am today without taking this inward journey of self-discovery. I encourage you all to discover the power of journaling and to lean into your dream whatever it may be.

Novembers Pen Women's Meeting

        Novembers Pen Women’s Meeting

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  1. Great thoughts Mary Jo. Glad you found your niche. I. m Involved in our art community and am chairing our art assoc annual show this year. Also showed at our cultural center at a juried show. “Who’d a thunk it ” in our senior years 😉

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