Tides Inn Boots & Books

My brand new book, Messy Magic Birthday and Lonely Lola Ladybug are now for sale at the Tides Inn gift shop! This past week I spent many hours at the beautiful Tides Inn painting their Waterman’s Way boots. The Watermen’s Way is a public arts project to honor the waterman (and woman) who are a significant part of our culture on the Northern Neck. My oyster paisley boots will be on display at the Tides Inn which is on the Oyster Trail. There are 14 other uniquely adorned boots by artists in other locations and you can visit all 15 with the help of a map from the “Virginia’s River Realm” tourist bureau. I can’t wait to see all 15 boots!

While working on the boots, I met a lot of nice people who work at the Inn; chambermaids, waitresses, administrators, who are all like one big happy family.  One person I asked to meet was the gift shop buyer.  I showed her my books and was thrilled when she agreed to try them on consignment in their lovely gift shop. So if you want a copy of Messy Magic Birthday or Lonely Lola Ladybug OR If you haven’t been to the Tides Inn resort lately, now is the time to go and stand in the oyster paisley watermen’s boots!



The Waterman’s Way is organized by the following partner organizations: Virginia’s River Realm, Lancaster by the Bay Chamber of Commerce, Steamboat Era Museum, Rappahannock Art League, and Virginia’s Watermen’s Association.

5 thoughts on “Tides Inn Boots & Books

  1. You have been busy! The boots are fantastic, we will definitely be swinging by the tides this weekend to take a look.
    See you soon,

  2. Lovely, Mary Jo! Sounds like it was a wonderful experience at the Inn. And congrats on your new book!!!!!

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