What to do for a Book Launch Party?

Tea Party Crop    The idea for a ladybug tea party came from my book, Lonely Lola Ladybug, but where could I have it and just what would it be? I enlisted the help of a friend, Susan Martin Mitchell, who is a public relations expert. Susan outdid herself and completely exceeded my expectations!  She arranged to have the first ever Lola Ladybug Tea Party/ Launch Party at the prestigious Country Club of Virginia!  Picture this: 30 to 50 ( 4-8 year old) children in optional ladybug costume, their parents or grandparents, listening to Story Time (me read Lonely Lola Ladybug out loud with illustrations projected on a screen) , followed by ladybug Craft Time for the kids,  Book Signing and Sales for the parents, followed by Tea Time with cakes for all!  Boy! That sounds like so much more fun than the traditional book signing at a book store. Maybe I should do that? Do you think other clubs, schools or organizations would like to have a Lola Ladybug Tea Party/Book Signing?


10 thoughts on “What to do for a Book Launch Party?

  1. I think it is a great idea! And I bet most preschool and kindergarten teachers would love to have a ladybug tea party with headgear made by the children who go to the tea party and maybe they would like to bring other animal friends also.

    • I like the idea of the ladybug headgear craft activity to go along with a Lola Ladybug Tea party in schools. I hope to do school visits next Fall. Thanks for the great idea!

  2. Love the idea & concept!! Can’t even imagine up to 50 Little ones, but with planned activities, it could be a wonderful experience for everyone. The only drawback I encountered with Henrico County schools, is that we are not allowed to ‘advertise’ Summer classes at the end of the school year, so you definitely would need to contact the Principal or the County to see what is permissible? I know they really promote a BOOK selling event each year to get kids to read and raise money for the school. Maybe you could ‘piggy-back’ on that event some how or through the PTA association as well? Just thoughts, and GOOD LUCK with your book promotion!! The artwork is just Adorable, too!

    • Thanks! Your ideas are great especially to “piggy-back” with the schools book fair. Do you know what time of year they have their book fairs? Thanks for all your kind words too!

  3. Sounds wonderful !!!! How far are you from Winchester? That’s where Meredith lives. Want a summer place in VA I love it there. Jeff is poop pooing it. We will see Haha

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  4. Hi Mary Jo, I have invited some friends to join me and hope some will be able to attend. I would like five books: one for Heloïse, Adelheid and Archie, one for Helena, one for Katherine,one for Matilda and Sarah, and one for Abby and Sarah. I have one friend who wants to attend with me. She is bringing her grand daughter, Kate,mans her name is Barbara Comfort. There may be others, so I will let you know as I hear back from them. I know this will be a big success!!! Bisous, Pat

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  5. Hi Mary Jo, I made an error in one of the names I sent. The book for Abby and Sarah had Abby’s name spelled with an ie instead of a y. Hope all of this is not too confusing. I will send you a check after I hear back from the other grandmothers I invited just in case there are others who can’t come but would like to order a book. XXOO, Pat

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  6. Absolutely! Who wouldn’t want to have tea and hear Lonely Lola Ladybug with your precious illustrations? Let me know if you would like to come to Long Island and I’ll gladly put something together for you.

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